Autoplan Insurance

Prepare for your​ renewal

You can renew an ICBC insurance policy as early as 44 days before it expires, whether over the phone, in person or online – we'll mail you a renewal reminder letting you know. Learn more about what you’ll need and find the renewal method that works for you.​

Things to know before you renew

You can renew a policy as early as 44 days before it’s due to expire.  

Renewing online for the first time? If you haven’t previously used the BC Services Card app or Interac® verification service to log into another online service, we recommend setting up your preferred log-in option at least a few days before you start your renewal.

Watch our​ video about your secure log-in options:​​

Both options verify your identity during the initial set-up, and this verification can take up to a few days to complete. ​

What you'll need to renew

We recommend gathering the following before starting your renewal:  

  • Your renewal reminder and insurance documents

  • The birth date and B.C. driver’s licence number of any drivers you’d like to add to your policy during the renewal

  • Your vehicle’s odometer reading if you want to be considered for a usage-based discount. Please note that discount eligibility requires two odometer readings.

  • Your credit card (to pay in full) or bank account information (to pay in installments)

How to renew your ICBC policy

We offer three methods for renewal. You can choose whichever one works best for you. 

Understanding your renewal reminder

Most insurance renewal reminders provide an estimate of the cost of your insurance for the same duration and coverage as the previous policy term (typically, one year).

Your estimated premium is the total (annual, monthly) cost of your Basic Autoplan insurance and any optional coverage purchased through ICBC.

​​​If you're thinking about making changes to your policy before you renew, such as adding a driver or changing your coverage, you can estimate your insurance costs using our online tool. You’ll need to log in with either your BC Services Card app or Interac® verification service to prepare your estimate.

Your renewal reminder, explained

Your renewal reminder document

Your vehicle

Your vehicle 
Your vehicle make, model, year and trim options help determine your premiums. 

Your odometer reading 
If you think you might drive less than 10,000 kilometres in a year, submit your odometer readings to potentially get a discount on your ICBC optional insurance.

Find out how to submit your odometer reading to get a distance-based discount on your ICBC optional insurance.

Your vehicle use

Your vehicle use 
How you use your car (for example, for pleasure, for work or commuting) can impact your premiums. 

Your location 
Your ‘territory’, or where your vehicle is normally kept, also impacts your premiums. In some cases, your basic insurance premiums may change due to adjustments to the rate associated with your territory.

Find out more about how where you live (your territory) and how you use your car (your rate class) impacts your insurance premiums.

Your drivers

Your listed drivers 
Your renewal reminder includes those drivers you’ve already added to your policy. The crash history and driving experience of your listed drivers can affect your premiums.

Unlisted Driver Protection is automatically applied on policies free of charge. As long as unlisted drivers do not cause a crash in any of your cars, this protection will continue to be free.

Learn more about Unlisted Driver Protection and drivers you should list.

Your coverage

This section of your renewal reminder provides a breakdown of your current coverage, split between Basic Autoplan insurance and optional coverage.

Basic insurance 
ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance is mandatory coverage required for any vehicle registered in B.C. Premium amounts are based on the policy risk and the likely cost of future claims. 

Optional coverage 
Optional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive coverage can be purchased from a variety of insurers including ICBC. This type of coverage can cost more for higher-end vehicles as they tend to be more expensive to repair or replace.

ICBC and the B.C. government have announced no overall change in Basic insurance rates until April 2025. This means there has been no overall increase since the last increase in April 2019. 

Your deductible and surcharges

When you choose a higher deductible (the amount you pay in the event of a claim before your insurance covers the rest), this would lower your premium. A lower deductible would increase your overall premium.  
If you’ve had a claim that you were found responsible for, this will appear as a surcharge and may increase your overall premium amount. You may also be liable for an additional Driver Risk Premium (DRP) if you have frequent or serious driving convictions resulting from violations. 
Total Limit 
For extended third party liability, a lower limit (lower level of protection) would lower your premium, while a higher limit (greater level of protection) would increase it.

Increasing repair and replacement costs are putting significant market pressure on all auto insurers – including ICBC. Technology is making our vehicles safer but also more complex, with crash avoidance technologies, cameras and sophisticated operating systems. These new advancements are very exciting — but it also means our vehicles are becoming more expensive to repair, with many manufacturers using custom and proprietary parts. ICBC reviews our Optional coverage rates on a quarterly basis and adjusts them in response to changing market conditions and current claims costs.

Your new estimated premium

Annual amount 
The total annual cost of your Basic Autoplan insurance and any optional coverage purchased through ICBC. 

Monthly payment plan 
Interest rates at the time of your renewal may have an impact on your monthly payment amounts.  

​​Tickets, fines and penalties

Before renewing your licence, you'll need to pay any outstanding amount that you owe​ to ICBC or the provincial government, including provincial violation tickets, penalty point premiums and any Autoplan debt. Unpaid debt could affect your ability to renew or upgrade your licence. If you have outstanding debt with us, please call Account Services (604-661-2723 or 1-800-665-6442) prior to booking an appointment. For more information about when we refuse to issue a licence, please see the relevant section of the Motor Vehicle Act.

If you have frequent or serious driving convictions resulting from violations, your premium costs for Collision and Third Party Liability coverages will be impacted.​

Contact us if you have questions about your debts or payments.​