Autoplan Insurance

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Valuable protection for you and your rented vehicle.

Rental Vehicle coverage gives you and your rented vehicle great protection at a very affordable rate. Many rental vehicle companies offer insurance to their customers, but it's often much more expensive than what we offer, and it may not cover as much.

How does Rental Vehicle Coverage help you?

Our product includes Third Party Liability, Enhanced Accident Benefits, Underinsured Motorist Protection, Collision, Comprehensive and Loss of ​​Use coverages.

We recommend that you contact your rental company before you travel to make sure they'll accept the Autoplan Rental Vehicle Policy. Most companies do, but some may ask for a larger deposit if you don't buy their coverage. They may also want proof of your Autoplan coverage.

Limits of coverage

There are some limits to the cost and type of vehicle our Rental Vehicle policy applies to. Check our Autoplan Insurance brochures or talk to your broker before you rent a vehicle.

Do you have a RoadStar or Roadside Plus package? Good news—you're already covered for rental vehicles.

Talk to your Autoplan broker about how this coverage could benefit you.


Why get it? Here's an example-

​​Val was driving a rental vehicle when she caused a crash. She’d bought our optional Rental Vehicle coverage, and was relieved to learn that it covered her liability for injuries and repair costs for the other vehicle, plus the collision damage to the rental vehicle. And she'd paid much less for the coverage than if she'd bought a similar product from a rental company.

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