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Driver factor

Every driver in B.C. has a driver factor. The driver factor is a 3-​decimal point number that represents your risk on the road.

The driver factor primarily looks at your driving experience and crash history, as well as whether you are a senior or new resident. The driver factor reference point is 1.000 – a number lower than 1.000 represents a lower driving ri​​​​​sk and a higher number represents a higher risk. As you gain driving experience, and for each year you remain crash-free, your driver factor will improve.

Driver factor

Driver factor report

The driver factor report provides you with your driver factor and details the specifics of your own driving experience and relevant claim history. It also includes your status as a senior, if applicable. Your driver factor is just one component that's considered in your premium calculation.

If asked, you can choose to share a downloaded report with someone listing you as a driver.

Combined factor

You'll be asked to list who drives your car. The resulting combined factor represents the collective risk of up to two listed drivers, as well as applied discounts, territory adjustments and other considerations. This explains why a customer's individual driver factor and the policy's combined factor may not be the same. Every insurance policy will start with a base premium, which then increases or decreases depending on the policy's combined factor.

Up to two individual driver factors will be used to determine the combined factor of a policy. In most cases, 75% of the Basic insurance premium will be based on the driver factor of the principal driver and the remaining 25% will be based on the driver factor of the listed driver with the highest risk.

If you've already received your renewal reminder and want to see how your listed drivers will impact your renewal, you can estimate your insurance costs using our online tool.

Need to share the details from your driver factor report?

If you're having trouble downloading the report but still want to share your claims history with someone listing you as a driver, then you can fill out and send them the driver factor consent form pdf instead. A completed consent form allows a broker to share your claims history with those listing you as a driver. Your claims history won't be shared by a broker without your consent.