Autoplan Insurance

​​​​​Income Top-Up

ICBC’s Income Top-Up is optional coverage that provides additional income replacement support to top up the wage loss benefits provided from Enhanced Care. ​

How does Income Top-Up coverage help you?

Any British Columbian who earns above $113,000 gross income and doesn’t have any other income replacement coverage (such as through their employer) can buy additional optional coverage to top up the income replacement benefit they are eligible to receive under Enhanced Accident Benefits.​

Who should consider buying this coverage?

Any B.C. resident who has a gross annual income of more than $113,000 with no other income replacement coverage (such as through their employer).

Talk to your Autoplan broker about your coverage options

Income Top-Up can be purchased in coverage tiers of $10,000, up to a maximum of $100,000. Each tier increases the maximum gross yearly income used to calculate your income replacement benefits. Talk to a broker to find out more about your income top-up options.​​​

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