When you’ve been injured in a crash

Being in a crash can be stressful—your recovery shouldn't be. We'll work with you to make sure you get the help and support you need.

Overview of the injury claims and recovery process

How to file your injury claim and the many ways ICBC will support you with your recovery.

If you were injured on the job

​If you were ​working at the time of the crash and you were injured, your injury claim should be reported first to WorkSafeBC.

Accessing treatment during your first 12 weeks of recovery

We’re here to support you with benefits that put your recovery first, including pre-approved treatments so you can get started right away.

If your recovery takes longer than 12 weeks

ICBC will help you get the care you need, even when your recovery takes longer or requires more treatments.

Financial benefits to support your recovery

ICBC provides various financial benefits to help you recover, including income replacement, personal care assistance and travel reimbursement.

If you need to take time off work

Income replacement benefits may cover a sizable part of your lost wages so you can focus on your recovery.​

If you were in a crash as a cyclist or pedestrian

ICBC isn't just for vehicle owners. As a cyclist or pedestrian, we'll support you with the care and recovery benefits you need if you are in a crash with a motor vehicle.

If the crash resulted in a death

We’re here to support you through this challenging time with coverage for funeral expenses, grief counselling and other unexpected expenses.

If you want to take legal action

Anyone in B.C. can hire a lawyer for legal advice or to represent them in their claim – recent changes to insurance have not changed this fundamental right. However, with Enhanced Care, lawsuits are not necessary or permitted (except in specific circumstances).