Vehicle repair and theft claims

Find out what you’re covered for and the steps involved for each type of vehicle damage or theft claim. 

Collision claims

If you’ve been in a crash or suffered a hit and run, find out your next steps.

Glass and windshield repairs

Has your windshield been damaged? We’ll help you repair your windshield or replace any damaged glass quickly and easily.

Auto theft claims

If you’ve had your car stolen, here’s what to do and what to expect.

Auto equipment theft

If you’ve had equipment stolen from your car, here’s what you need to know.


Your insurance can help you get rid of damage caused by vandalism such as scratches or graffiti.

Fire and weather damage

If your car has been damaged by fire or weather, find out how we can help.

Hit and run claims

Find out your coverage and how to file for a hit and run claim, as well as how you can help if witness one. 

Getting a damage estimate

After making a claim, your adjuster can let you know where you can get a damage estimate.

Transportation while your car is repaired

Find out your options while your car is out-of-action.

If your vehicle is not repairable​

Sometimes a vehicle has too much damage and it can’t be repaired. Learn more about write-offs.

Emerge​ncy roadside expenses

If you’ve had a roadside emergency such as a breakdown or flat tire, you can claim for the expenses incurred.

Child car seat reimbursements

Need to replace your child car seat due to a crash or theft? Find out how to get reimbursed by ICBC.

Not satisfied with your vehicle repairs?

If you weren't satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle, we can help.

About the ICBC Repair Network

F​​ind a repair facility that will get you and your vehicle back on the road.