Autoplan Insurance

Listing a Learner on your policy

You're asked to list who drives your car, including learner drivers.

To add a learner to your listed drivers, visit an Autoplan broker office. You will need their driver's licence number and date of birth. You can add or remove listed drivers at any time.

If you've already received your renewal reminder and want to see how your listed drivers will impact your renewal, you can estimate your insurance costs using our online tool.

Learner driver premium

Learner drivers don't have a driver factor, so they won't affect your Basic premium. But less driving experience means greater risk, so when you list learners on your policy, a new additional premium will apply. The learner driver premium recognizes the risk that learner drivers represent and helps cover the costs of crashes caused by learners. Additionally, crashes caused by learners won't go on their driving record – we don't want to penalize learners if they were to cause a crash while they are learning to drive.

The learner driver premium covers all learners using your car – you don't need to pay the premium for each learner listed on your policy. The learner driver premium will range from $130 to $230 per year, depending on where you live.

Learner experience

Drivers will start to build driving experience once they have their N licence.