Crash responsibility 

We carefully review the details of every crash to determine who is responsible, and to what degree. This is also known as fault or liability. The responsibility assessment may affect your future insurance premiums.

If you’ve been found responsible for a crash, you will receive a letter from us when your responsibility has been assessed. Your ICBC claim representative can help explain the responsibility assessment to you.

If you have any questions, we're here to help.

How we assess responsibility in a crash

Learn how we assess responsibility and what factors are taken into account.

Crash examples

You may find it helpful to review these crash examples, which help our claim representatives assess responsibility.

If you are responsible

If you're found responsible for a crash, find out what your insurance covers and how it may be affected.

If you are not responsible

If you're found not responsible for a crash, find out what is covered by your insurance and what is covered by the other driver's insurance.

Shared or undetermined responsibility

If you're found partially responsible in a crash, find answers to common questions.

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