Autoplan Insurance

Specified Perils

Like C​omprehensive coverage but at a lower price. With Specified Perils you only pay for the coverage you need.

Protect your vehicle against risks from weather, theft, fire and more. Specified Perils coverage is similar to Comprehensive coverage, but has a shorter list of damages it covers. It also costs less than Comprehensive.

How does Specified Perils coverage help you?

Specified Perils protects you from loss or damage to your vehicle from:

  • Theft

  • Fire, earthquake or explosion

  • Weather—lightning, windstorm, hail, rising water

Specified Perils doesn't cover things like vandalism, windshield damage or hitting an animal.

Talk to your Autoplan broker about how this coverage could benefit you.​


Why get it? Here are some examples

  • Dave’s car was stolen. He was shocked, because it was old and nothing fancy. He’d chosen to buy Specified Perils coverage anyway, and now he was glad he did. It covered a rental vehicle so he could still drive to work and take his kids to their activities. And when his car was found over a week later with lots of damage, his coverage looked after the repairs.

  • Renee got caught in a severe hailstorm. She couldn’t believe how much damage it did to her car. Luckily her Specified Perils coverage looked after getting her car repaired and repainted.

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