Autoplan Insurance

Drivers of fleet or business vehicles

Moving forward, at-fault crashes in a fleet vehicle will not affect the driver's personal policy (or other policies where they're listed as a driver). We listened to our fleet customers. They asked us — and government — to reconsider the impacts on their fleet drivers.

The new model is a significant shift for British Columbians. And we're committed to monitoring and making adjustments if needed to help make sure we’re striking the right balance of driver accountability and fairness.


Do the recent changes affect my Fleetplan policy?

Fleet drivers involved in an at-fault crash will not have their non-fleet insurance premiums impacted.

How will the changes impact drivers? 

This change only applies to fleet drivers. If you had an at-fault crash while driving a non-fleet company vehicle (and the first payment on that claim occurred on or after March 1, 2017), that crash will still follow you and impact your personal and non-fleet commercial insurance. That impact depends on the rate class of the vehicle involved in the crash, and whether the claim is repaid.

Moving forward, if you have an at-fault crash while driving a fleet vehicle, that crash will not impact your personal and non-fleet commercial insurance.

How does the rate class impact me if I’m in a crash?

Rate class will not impact fleet drivers if they're involved in a crash. It will only apply if an at-fault crash occurs in a non-fleet vehicle.

How will claim repayment work?

To minimize impacts we will only look back for claims with a first payment that occurred on or after March 1, 2017 when reviewing a driver’s at-fault claims history.

Claims from March 1, 2017 onward

If you crash a Fleetplan vehicle, claim repayments may go through the Fleetplan owner. Talk to your employer for more information.

For more questions on Fleetplan changes and how they impact you, talk to your ICBC Autoplan broker.