Autoplan Insurance

Territory and rate class

Where you live (your territory) and how you use your car (your rate class) are key factors in determining your insurance premiums.


Where your vehicle is located is a factor in your premiums because traffic and other driving risks vary around the province.

For example, there is generally more risk of a crash in more populated, urban areas, while rural locations may be more likely to have other risks, such as damage due to road conditions or weather.

That’s why B.C. is divided into 14 territories – geographic areas (such as the Lower Mainland or the Thompson/Okanagan region) that share common characteristics. 

Rate class

There are many ways that B.C. drivers use their vehicles, and we use rate classes to reflect that.

Common rate classes include:

  • Pleasure. Driving for typical day-to-day activities, like errands, driving kids to school or going on vacation. Under a pleasure use rate class, you can also use the vehicle for up to six days in a calendar month for commuting, business or delivery.

  • Commuting. Driving to work or school, in addition to pleasure use. There are different rate classes, depending on how far you commute.

  • Business. Driving for business purposes – for example, a salesperson or realtor who drives to meet with customers.

  • Delivery. Driving for delivery. There are different rate classes depending on the type of vehicle, what it delivers and the distance travelled. New types of online delivery services include companies like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash.​

Talk to your broker

It's important to tell your Autoplan broker about all the ways you use your vehicle. If you're in the wrong rate class, it could affect your coverage and leave you personally responsible for the cost of any claims.