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Commercial insurance 

Looking for the right coverage at the lowest possible cost? Find out your options here.


Save time, money and administrative headaches with Fleetplan. Fleetplan is required for customers with more than 20 eligible vehicles.

Non-fleet commercial vehicles

Coverage for fewer than 20 motor vehicles used for business or commercial delivery.

Drivers of fleet or business vehicles

If you are the driver in an at-fault crash using your employer’s vehicle (fleet or non-fleet), it may affect future policies where you’re listed as a driver.

Garage service operations

Coverage to protect your lot, repair shop, or tow yard.

Insurance and licensing for ride-hailing services

Find out about what you need to drive for a ride-hailing service.

Insurance for peer-to-peer vehicle rental

Find out how insurance works if you'd like to make your vehicle available for others to rent via a peer-to-peer online platform.


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Minimizing risk for commercial vehicles

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