Vehicle theft

Here's what to expect after your car has been stolen or an attempted theft of your vehicle has occurred.

Am I covered?

You are covered if you have confirmed ICBC Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage.

When you report a claim, your claims representative will confirm your coverage and next steps, either on the phone or in writing.​

Note: Some claims may take longer for coverage to be confirmed. Please keep your receipts to be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket claims costs later.

Steps of your auto theft claim

Here's what to do and what to expect when you make your claim.

Step 1: Report to your local police

All stolen vehicles must be reported to the police.

Please make a note of the police file number. You’ll need it when you make a claim with us.

Step 2: Report your claim online or by phone

Report your auto theft claim online or by phone.

Step 3: Arrange for alternate transportation

If your claim is accepted, the maximum we pay for alternate transportation (rental vehicle, taxi or public transit) is $40 per day up to a maximum amount of $800 on a reimbursement basis.

If you bought one of the following optional coverages, you're eligible for a rental vehicle as soon as you need one:

If you don't have one of these coverages, taxis or public transit are at your own expense for the first 72 hours after the incident.

Step 4: A claims representative is assigned to your claim

Your claims representative will review the details of your theft claim and keep you updated. You may be asked for a written statement about the theft.

Ensure you have all your sets of keys for your car as they will be needed if your vehicle is recovered.

If your vehicle is not found

ICBC will determine the fair market value for your vehicle. We will offer you a payment based on this amount.

Step 5: If your vehicle is found, ICBC estimates the damage

If your vehicle is recovered, it will be towed to a claim office or ICBC facility for a damage estimate.

If you are contacted by the police about your vehicle being found, please let your claims representative know.

If your vehicle isn't repairable

If it's not economical to repair the vehicle, you’ll receive a payment based on the vehicle's determined value. Find out more about happens if your vehicle isn't repairable​.

Step 6: Shop repairs your vehicle

Once the estimate for your vehicle is complete, you can go to any repair facility of your choice within B.C. We recommend using a facility within the ICBC Repair Network​ for your repairs as they offer a life time guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Step 7: Pay a deductible

When the repairs are done, you may have to pay a deductible to the shop. A deductible is the amount you have to pay towards repairs before your insurance covers the rest.

If you purchased the RoadsidePlus package, all or part of your theft deductible may be waived.

You may have to pay depreciation on some parts and/or labour that are subject to wear and tear. Talk to your estimator for details.