Get reimbursed for your car seat or booster seat

If your child's car seat was damaged in a crash, you can request reimbursement from ICBC.​​

How to get reimbursed

1. ​Find out if you qualify

To qualify for a reimbursement, you will need:

  • ICBC Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage, or

  • A claim where the other ICBC insured driver is wholly or partially responsible, or

  • A verified hit and run claim in B.C. (and, if applicable, no hit and run coverage through a private insurer)

You will need to submit your reimbursement request within two years from the date of loss.​

2. Submit your request online

Complete and submit the sho​rt online form. If you have your original receipt, you will need to upload a photo or scanned copy.

If you do not have a receipt for your damaged seat, you may still qualify for either:

  • A reimbursement by providing the receipt of your replacement seat. The replacement seat must be of similar make and model to the damaged seat.

  • A set amount based on the type of seat you had or the replacement you purchased.

Important: If you submit an incomplete form, your reimbursement could be delayed.

Find out what ICBC pays for each type of car seat.

3. Get reimbursed

If you haven't already, sign up for direct deposit to get reimbursed faster.

You should receive your reimbursement within 30 calendar days of submitting the form, unless we need more information from you. 

4. Dispose of your damaged car seat

Damaged car seat(s) must be disposed of and not re-used.

Before disposing your damaged seat, make sure you cut the safety straps to prevent re-use. 

Contact your community's waste management for information on how to dispose of or recycle your damaged car seat(s). 

Note: ICBC does not accept and/or dispose of damaged car seats at any of our locations.   

Buying a new car seat

If you can't submit your reimbursement request online

  1. Complete and print the PDF request for​m pdf

  2. Mail the form along with your supporting documents, such as receipts and photographs, to

PO Box 2121
Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC  V6B 0L6

Note:  Mailed submissions will take longer to process.​