Getting a damage estimate

After making a claim, you may need to get a damage estimate. The estimate indicates how much it's likely to cost to repair your vehicle.

Where to get your estimate

​When you make your claim, we will let you know where you may get the estimate done (either at an ICBC Repair Network Facility or an ICBC claim centre).

After carefully examining the damage to your vehicle, the estimator writes up an estimate of the repairs needed and their cost. The repairs are then completed according to the estimate.

Some repairs are guaranteed

Repair shops accredited by ICBC (also known as ICBC Repair Network facilities) can estimate and repair your vehicle if you don’t need to take your car to ICBC for an assessment. There may be instances when you’ll be required to bring your vehicle to your local ICBC Claim Centre before the vehicle can go to the repair facility of your choice.

If you take your vehicle to an accredited repair shop, the repairs for the damage caused by the crash are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

You can take your vehicle to a repair shop that is not accredited by ICBC. However, you should ask the facility about repair warranties and/or guarantees (if it offers one).

After your vehicle has been taken to a repair shop for the initial estimate, please contact the shop for any questions about your vehicle. ICBC will continue to be your contact for questions about responsibility, deductibles and your insurance.


ICBC pays most accredited shops directly for the estimated repair work. When the repairs are done, you may have to pay a deductible to the shop. You may also have to pay depreciation on some parts and/or labour that are subject to wear and tear.

If you take your vehicle to a repair shop that is not accredited by ICBC, you pay the shop for the repairs and then submit your receipts to ICBC for reimbursement. To receive ​​reimbursement​ for your claims more quickly, set up direct deposit​. 

​​Towed vehicles

At a crash scene, usually emergency services (like the police or fire department) will contact a local towing company to move your vehicle to their storage facility for safe keeping. The vehicle is then held in the towing company's storage yard until they're directed to remove it.

Towing and storage payment

Towing companies charge a daily storage rate from the time the vehicle arrives in the storage yard until the vehicle is removed.

To find out if a towing company works with ICBC directly, ask if they're an ICBC vendor. This means the company can bill ICBC directly for the towing and storage fees once you've submitted your claim and your coverage is confirmed. In these cases, ICBC can also help arrange moving your vehicle out of the storage yard.

If your vehicle is towed by a company that is not​ an ICBC vendor, you'll need to pay for the towing and storage costs and then submit your eligible receipts to ICBC for reimbursement. Sign up for direct deposit​ to receive reimbursements more quickly.

​Two-year time limit

Generally, you’ll have two years from the date of your crash to complete your repairs. Speak to your claims representative about your specific situation.

If your vehicle isn't repairable

Sometimes it may not be economical to repair a vehicle. When this happens, we pay you an amount based on the vehicle's value at the time of the incident. Find out more about what ​happens if your vehicle isn't repairable​.