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​​​​​​​​​Getting legal advice

If you've been injured in a crash, you may be wondering whether you can or should get a lawyer to help you with your claim, especially given recent changes to ICBC insurance.

Whether or not you retain a lawyer is entirely your choice. However, there are options that can help you resolve disputes without the need for legal representation.

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is an independent dispute resolution service focused on helping parties reach an agreement wherever possible. The CRT can look into disputes between customers and ICBC on matters such as entitlement to accident benefits, disputes about property (vehicle) damage, personal injury damages or responsibility (fault) assessments up to $5,000.​​​​​​​​​

For disputes about:

  • How ​​injuries were classified (minor or non-minor).
  • Bodily injury, disputes about damages and fault up to $50,000.

The customer can choose whether to pursue their dispute in the CRT or file their claim in court, if the crash occured before May 1, 2021.​​

​Find out more about filing a dispute or visit the CRT​ website​.​

The right to hire a lawyer

Anyone in B.C. can hire a lawyer for legal advice or to represent them in their claim – recent changes to insurance have not changed this fundamental right. The decision to hire a lawyer is yours, and may depend on factors such as time, cost and the complexity of your claim.

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