When a cyclist rides in a crosswalk​

​These collisions happen when a cyclist rides inside a crosswalk and is struck or overtaken by a driver.

In this diagram, a cyclist riding across a marked crosswalk is in a collision with a vehicle.

Responsibility varies depending on whether the cyclist was permitted to ride in the crosswalk or not.

Elephant's feet crosswalk

Crosswalk markings and rules continue to change as B.C. municipalities create more cycle and pedestrian shared pathways.

For example, the "elephant's feet crosswalk" shown below is a crosswalk more municipalities are adding to their road crossings, which allows cyclists to stay on their bicycles.

In a collision between a vehicle and a cyclist riding on an elephant's feet crosswalk, responsibility varies depending on the Motor Vehicle Act and the crosswalk bylaws of the municipality where the collision happened.

The rules of the road

The driver must make sure they approach a crosswalk with caution and yield to those in the crosswalk. The cyclist must ensure that they cross when permitted by traffic controls.

What does it say in the Motor Vehicle Act?

The applicable sections of the Motor Vehicle Act are: 


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