Commercial vehicle making a two-lane wide right turn, passenger vehicle on the right

These accidents happen when a commercial vehicle makes a wide right turn on a road with two lanes traveling in the same direction without straddling both lanes and collides with a vehicle in the right lane.

In this diagram, Vehicle A is making a wide right turn from the left lane when it collides with Vehicle B, which is in the right lane.

  • Vehicle "A" = 75%

  • Vehicle "B" = 25%

The rules of the road

Commercial vehicles on two-lane streets must signal and straddle both lanes in order to make a wide right turn. Drivers must not overtake a turning commercial vehicle. Therefore, Vehicle A would be 75% responsible and Vehicle B would be 25% responsible. Responsibility can shift to the passing vehicle in the right lane if it attempts to pass the commercial vehicle and the commercial vehicle is signaling and straddling both lanes.

What does it say in the Motor Vehicle Act?

The applicable sections of the Motor Vehicle Act are:


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