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Towing a recreational trailer

Going on a road trip? If you're towing a recreational trailer, you might have to upgrade your licence. It depends on your trailer's fully-loaded weight and whether the vehicle or trailer has air brakes.

This applies for towed recreational trailers only and not recreational vehicles (RVs).

Recreational trailers weighing up to 4,600 kg GVW

You can use a regular driver's licence to tow a fully-loaded recreational trailer weighing up to 4,600 kg gross vehicle weight (GVW) with a two axle vehicle.

If your fully-loaded recreational trailer weighs over 4,600 kg GVW, you need to upgrade your driver’s licence.

What's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?

The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the combined weight of the trailer and its load.

How to check your trailer's weight?

Take your trailer to a weigh scale when it's fully loaded. Fill up the water and propane tanks as you would when travelling and include the gear you plan to carry. Make sure the driver has the correct licence class or endorsements on their licence to drive to the weigh scale.

Vehicles or trailers with air brakes

How to get a house trailer endorsement

To get your endorsement, you'll need to pass a knowledge test, practice with a learner's licence and pass a road test. There is no commercial medical requirement to obtain a house trailer endorsement (Code 07).

For hauling other types of heavy trailers exceeding 4,600 kg GVW, there are different licensing requirements including heavy trailer endorsement and the completion of a medical exam. For more information, read the Licensing for recreational vehicles fact sheet pdf.

For further inquiries, please contact driver licensing.

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