Driver licensing

Get your B.C. driver’s licence with your Department of National Defence licence

If you are a retired or active Canadian Armed Forces member who holds, or has held, a Department of National Defence driver’s licence (DND 404), you can have testing requirements waived for the equivalent B.C. licences.

You still need to meet B.C.'s identification, vision, and medical standards, and pay all applicable licensing fees. Your DND 404 licence is eligible for the following equivalent B.C. licences:

  • Class 5 or 7 or

  • Commercial class 1, 2, 3 or 4*

If you no longer hold a DND 404 licence, you might still be eligible if your DND 404 was in good standing at the time of surrender.

How to waive testing requirements

You must be an active member or have been retired for less than three years. You also need to provide three required documents, listed below. Contact your DND Road Safety Representative at your current or former base for help with obtaining the documents:

  • cover letter (signed and on DND colour letterhead),

  • an application form (signed and dated within three months of applying) and

  • the proficiency record.

Book an appointment to have the application reviewed and processed at an ICBC driver licensing office. You’ll need to bring your completed documents to the appointment. If you hold a DND 404 licence when you apply, you don't need to surrender it.

*If you're looking to get a commercial class B.C. licence, you'll receive a Driver Medical Examination form. You'll have 45 days to complete and submit the form. 

If you want to upgrade to a commercial class licence that is not equivalent to your DND 404 licence, you'll need to take additional testing and provide a driving record. You may also need to complete B.C.'s Class​​​ 1 MELT course.

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