Driver licensing

Getting your commercial driver's licence

If you want to drive a taxi, bus or other commercial vehicle, here's how to get licensed.

Get your full-privilege commercial licence

To get your full-privilege commercial licence, you'll need to pass a road test and driver medical exam. There's no rush to take the test-make sure you've practiced with learner's licence and take it when you feel ready.

Step 1: Practice driving

To get ready for your road test:

  • practice driving with a qualified supervisor

  • consider taking professional driver training

  • complete Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT), if applicable

Step 2: Book your road test

Call to book your commercial road test.

You can't book your test online.

What to bring to your road test:

  • Accepted ID

  • Any glasses or contacts you need

  • Payment for the test(s)

  • Your learners licence

  • Your Class 1 MELT Declaration of Completion, if applicable

  • A vehicle suited to the Class of licence you're testing for

Step 3: Take your road test

When you arrive for your road test, you'll first complete an application form. The road test will consist of:

  • a pre-trip inspection test

  • a pre-trip air brake test, if applicable, and

  • the road test.

Bring an appropriate vehicle for your road test, and any items necessary for the pre-trip test. If your vehicle has air brakes, bring the tools and equipment required for an air brake adjustment.

For more information, see Driving Commercial Vehicles.

After passing the tests, you'll need to:

You'll also receive a driver medical examination form to have completed by a doctor.

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