Driver licensing

Driver Penalty Point Premium

Drivers with more driving offences or convictions get involved in more crashes than other drivers. If you’ve accumulated points on your driving record, you could receive a bill for a driver premium. There are two different driver premium programs, both of which are assessed annually – the Driver Penalty Points (DPP) Premium and the Driver Risk Premium.


How we set insurance premiums

If you have frequent or serious driving convictions resulting from violations, your premium costs for Collision and Third Party Liability coverages may be impacted.

For more information, read the news release.​

Reducing your Driver Penalty Point premium

You can reduce or eliminate your driver penalty point premium if you give up your driver's licence for a temporary period.

Options for reducing your driver penalty point premium

You have two options to reduce the cost of your driver penalty point (DPP) premium:

  1. If you give up your driver's licence for one year from your birthday, your DPP premium can be eliminated.

  2. If you give up your licence for at least 30 days during your billing period, your DPP premium could be reduced.

Premium reductions are also available to drivers who have been prohibited, suspended or who are off the road for certain other reasons. Remember that there are fees to re-instate your licence.

How to get your premium reduced

  1. Book an appointment to turn in your licence at an ICBC driver licensing office.

  2. When your time without a licence (minimum 30 days) has passed, call ICBC to find out how much you now owe.

  3. Pick up your re-issued licence from your driver licensing office.

  4. Pay what is owed on your DPP premium and your fee.

Suspended and prohibited drivers

If you have been suspended or prohibited from driving for 60 days or more, you’re eligible for a DPP premium reduction. These 60 days must have been completed within the billing period.

To get your premium reduced:

  1. Call ICBC when your suspension ends to find out how much you now owe.

  2. Re-instate your licence by booking an appointment to visit any ICBC driver licensing office.

  3. Pay what is owed on your DPP premium as well as the re-instatement fee and licence fee.

Have you been out of B.C. or off the road?

A DPP premium reduction is also available if, for 30 days during your billing period, you were:

  • living in another province and held a driver's licence from there

  • staying in a country other than Canada or the U.S.

  • incarcerated, or

  • not operating a vehicle for medical reasons.

To be eligible, you need documentation showing that one of these conditions applies to you.

Disputing points

By paying a traffic ticket, you’re accepting guilt and the points associated with the ticket. The only way to dispute penalty points is by disputing the ticket that you have received. Tickets and points are kept on your driving record for five years.​