Changes coming to driver’s licences, identification cards and Services Cards in B.C.​​

January 25, 2022

Starting in late January 2022, customers renewing or applying for B.C. driver's licences, B.C. identification cards (BCIDs), and B.C. Services Cards will begin receiving cards with some minor changes.

ICBC has a new service provider for card production that is focused on supporting ICBC's direction of providing affordable and secure provincial cards that benefit all British Columbians.

The new cards will look similar to the current ones but with some design changes to support card security.

Existing cards remain valid until their expiry date. There is no need for customers to apply for a new card before the expiry date unless their existing cards are lost, damaged or stolen.

​More information regarding card security & privacy is available at:

Card security & privacy (icbc​.com)

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