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An ICBC employee takes the spotlight in our road safety campaign

You may have seen or heard one of our road safety campaign ads on the radio or in your social media feed. The campaign was the result of a lot of collaboration between several ICBC departments and colleagues, including one who also ended up in front of the camera. 

Paul has been a Road Safety Coordinator for the last 25 years. In that, he's seen many Road Safety campaigns, but the latest one is special to him because he ended up with a starring role in one of our video ads. 

Paul says, “There was a lot of collaboration with various teams to create the ads. It's a unique campaign because it addresses a number of risky driving behaviours in a group of messages which we haven't done in the past. It's also fun, engaging and eye-catching, which makes it more interesting and relatable." 

Instead of the usual month-to-month advertising strategy we've done previously, this campaign uses a more holistic approach and will be done all year round. It's a glimpse of what's to come as we continue our Road Safety efforts to help prevent crashes now and as mobility evolves. 

“One of our biggest challenges is how busy everyone’s become,” Paul adds. “We are constantly trying to get somewhere, distracted and bombarded with so many things happening in our lives, which leaves little to no room for us to focus and be self-aware with our driving habits. Hopefully, through this new campaign, we can reach the public in a more personal way." 

See Paul’s appearance at the beginning of our Road Safety Takes Everyone ad: