About ICBC

About our trademarks

Our trademarks are valuable to us. They preserve and support our brand.

To our customers, they're a visible assurance of the quality and reliability they can expect from ICBC. We want our customers to be able to trust the products and services they receive under our brand and through our partners.

Incorrect or unauthorized use of our trademarks erodes the value of our brand, our reputation, and our customers' trust in us. That's why we work so hard to make sure they are used appropriately, correctly, and with our permission.

ICBC trademarks

A trademark is a symbol, design, word (word mark), or phrase used by a seller or service provider to distinguish its products or services from those of another. Word marks should be used only as adjectives (such as ICBC locations and Autoplan brokers).

These are some of our trademarks:



ICBC trademark 1

ICBC Autoplan

ICBC trademark 2

What you should know

  • You can use our trademarks in association with your services, products, or events only if you have written permission from ICBC. Individuals and companies authorized by ICBC under a specific licensing program or agreement are permitted to use our trademarks only as specified in the agreement and in accordance with the usage guidelines.

  • If you use our trademarks without permission, we'll contact you to request that you stop using them.

  • If you have written permission to use our trademarks but use them incorrectly, we'll contact you to request that you start using them correctly within a reasonable period of time.

Protecting our trademarks

​We consider each situation on a case-by-case basis with the objective to protect our brand and the public.

The following are incorrect ​or unauthorized uses which are of high concern to us because they present situations that are misleading to the public.

  • Our trademark is used in a way that implies a relationship with, or sponsorship, or endorsement by ICBC that doesn't exist.

  • Our trademark is used to identify the commercial products or services of another company or individual.

  • Our trademark is used in a way that is not in accordance with the license agreement or usage guidelines.

We want to protect our customers from being misled into buying goods or services that they believe are approved, authorized, or endorsed by ICBC when they are not.

For more information, please email trademark@icbc.com.