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Pay Transparency Act

On May 11, 2023, the Government of British Columbia passed the Pay Transparency Act in an effort to help close the gender pay gap in B.C.

Under this new legislation, ICBC, along with the B.C. government and five of the largest Crown corporations, are required post annual pay transparency reports by November 1 each year.

ICBC is committed to supporting every employee in reaching their full potential. Maintaining equitable pay practices in the workplace is a long-standing commitment at ICBC, and this data will help us to monitor the progress of our commitment and better assess our ongoing action plan.

ICBC’s Pay Transparency Report is based on pay data from fiscal year 2022/23 and compares average hourly pay of a man at ICBC to average hourly pay of a woman and a non-binary person. It is aggregate data and does not compare pay data at the individual job level.

In addition to the annual reporting requirement, the legislation also requires the following of employers:

  1. Employers must not dismiss, suspend, demote, discipline, harass, or otherwise disadvantage an employee, or threaten to do so, if the employee inquiries about, or shares details of their pay information

  2. In an advertisement for publicly advertised job opportunities, employers must specify the expected salary/wage for the job or the expected salary/wage range.

  3. Employers must not seek pay history information about an applicant for employment by any means.

For more information, read the Pay Transparency Report pdf.

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