About ICBC

Preventing insurance fraud

When someone commits insurance fraud, they take advantage of the system that we all pay into.

What is insurance fraud?

Fraud involves providing false or misleading information when purchasing insurance, making a claim, or applying for a B.C. driver’s licence or identity card. There are many types of fraud. Some of the most common include:

  • exaggerating the extent of an injury

  • claiming an income replacement benefit when you’re able to work

  • claiming unrelated or pre-existing vehicle damages or injuries

  • declaring false information to get a lower insurance premium

  • providing false information or a counterfeit driver’s licence to obtain a B.C. driver’s licence

Special Investigation Units

Our Special Investigation Units are committed to investigating all types of fraud against ICBC. They use a variety of methods to detect and investigate fraud, including:

  • SIU investigators: Our officers and investigators work closely with claims representatives and the police to uncover and investigate fraud.

  • Fraud analytics: ICBC uses advanced analytics to detect claims with a suspicion of fraud.

  • Anonymous reporting: We make it easy for people to report suspected fraud anonymously.

If you are being investigated for insurance fraud

It’s always important to be upfront and honest, especially if you are being investigated for fraud. Providing false or misleading information can seriously impact your claim and entitlement to benefits. It may result in having to repay ICBC for amounts fraudulently claimed. You could also be charged with a criminal offence.

How can you help?

Do you have information on a potential fraud? Let us know. Contact us anytime on our tips line or use our online form to report a fraud tip. All tip information provided to ICBC is confidential and anonymous.

  • B.C., Canada and the U.S.: 1-800-661-6844

  • Lower Mainland: 604-661-6844