About ICBC

Our competitive benefits

Our inclusive benefits support employees’ health and well-being so you can feel your best at work and know you're supported in your day-to-day life. 

The information on this page is meant to provide a broad overview of benefits available to ICBC employees. Benefits vary depending on roles, so if you have a question about the benefits available within a specific role, please contact your applicable HR representative. 

Time off to rest, recharge and connect 

Employees start earning paid vacation days when they begin their employment at ICBC. They gain additional days after seven years of service. You’ll be encouraged to take your vacation days, whether that’s extending an already-long weekend or planning the trip of a lifetime. Depending on your role, you could be entitled to other days off in addition to your eligible vacation days. 

We recognize that your individual circumstances may require longer leave from your role. We offer a variety of paid leave, including:  

  • Maternity and parental leave 

  • Long service and educational leave, and  

  • Time off to care for your family members 

Indigenous employees get five paid days of Indigenous cultural leave per year to attend ceremonial, cultural and spiritual events.    

Supporting your physical health 

As an ICBC employee, you and your dependents (if applicable) will be covered by our comprehensive health and dental plans. If you’re a full-time employee, we’ll pay 100% of your health and dental premiums and those of any dependents covered under your plan.  

If you're also covered by your spouse’s benefit plan, our coordination of benefits could mean up to 100% coverage of your eligible health-related expenses.

Our North Vancouver head office and Victoria locations both offer on-site gyms with classes and programs. Employees in other locations across B.C. can get discounts on gym memberships with our partner facilities. 

Employees have access to paid sick leave. If you become seriously ill or injured and require a longer absence from work, our long-term disability insurance protects your income so you can focus on your recovery.   

Supporting your mental health 

Our employee health care plans include mental health coverage for services like psychologists, clinical counsellors and social workers. Our Employee Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is available 24/7 to employees and their eligible dependents. The service is completely confidential and offers s supports to help you navigate:   

  • Your health and nutrition 

  • Mental health 

  • Family matters ranging from family planning to elder care 

  • Career or retirement planning 

  • Financial and legal support for matters like divorce, wills and estates, and debt 

  • Addictions  

Many ICBC roles offer a hybrid work model, so that you can maintain a work-life balance.   

Helping you secure your financial future 

We know that financial planning can be daunting. We want to set you up for success and financial stability with our free Financial Wellness webinars. Each webinar is created for ICBC employees and covers topics ranging from personal budgeting and understanding your pension to retirement planning. 

If you’re travelling for work, you and any dependents you travel with are covered with our travel accident insurance. Full-time and regular employees are also covered for emergencies that may occur during international leisure travel. 

Our pension provides a predictable income to you in your retirement years. 

Our ICBC-paid life insurance will pay out a non-taxable lump sum to your designated beneficiary if you, your spouse or your dependent child dies. You can also purchase additional optional critical illness insurance for yourself and additional optional life insurance for yourself and/or your dependents.