About ICBC

Advance your career

At ICBC, your career is more than just your job title. We support you broadening your skill set, exploring new roles and developing a long-term plan for your professional advancement.

Training and educational opportunities 

We'll reimburse you for approved career development coursework and professional dues. You’ll also have access to our curated LinkedIn Learning online courses to help you thrive at ICBC. 

If you aspire to be – or already are – a people leader, our Leader Learning and training and development resources will help you hone your leadership skills.  You’re encouraged to attend and participate in conferences, seminars and conventions that enhance your professional development and skills. Costs can often be covered by ICBC. 

Depending on your role or circumstances, ICBC employees may be reimbursed for:  

  • Tuition and textbooks for job-related courses  

  • Fees for one primary professional membership related to your role 

  • Courses, certificates and programs offered by the Insurance Institute  

Exploring other roles at ICBC 

There’s room to grow here. We offer Expressions of Interest (EOIs): short-term opportunities that allow employees to explore different roles that interest them professionally. Typically, EOIs last six months.  

These opportunities give employees the chance to gain new skills, better understand a different area of ICBC and try out a different role. Once your EOI has concluded, you return to your original role or in some cases, you can apply for a permanent placement.  

For permanent roles, we aim to promote from within where possible and appropriate, and we encourage employees to apply for those internal vacancies that interest them. 

For a shorter-term way to explore other roles and departments within ICBC, you can access our Business Area Learning resources. They provide guides, job aids and other learning materials for a variety of ICBC teams.  

Relocating as an employee 

If you’re moving within B.C. due to a new role at ICBC, you could be eligible for financial support for your relocation costs.  

You may also be able to access moving services from BC Mail Plus to help you transport your household items.