Enhanced security features added to most ICBC-issued cards

March 11, 2020

ICBC has introduced enhanced security features to B.C. driver licences to ensure people across the province are protected against identify fraud. Customers who are now applying for a new card or are renewing will receive a card with the enhanced security features.

Driver licences are used as primary ID by many British Columbians. Maintaining the integrity of licences is paramount to ensuring the safety of personal identification and information.

While the card design will remain the same, new features will be added to both the front and back of the new card to help further deter fraud and alteration. Some of the enhancements are:

  • Microtext on the front of the card,

  • An image of either a bear, whale or bird on the back of the card, to differentiate between the type of card issued, and

  • The cardholder signature on the back of the card.

The enhanced security features will also apply to the BC Services card and the BC Identity card. 

These enhancements are part of ICBC's standard procedures to protect customers and maintain the integrity of the cards.

Driver licences are valid for five years. There were 3,535,000 active licences in 2018:

  • Lower Mainland: 2,110,000

  • Vancouver Island: 625,000

  • Southern Interior: 560,000

  • North Central: 235,000

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