Vehicle registration

Amalgamated vehicles

How to register your amalgamated vehicle so you can obtain insurance and plates.

Registration requirements for an amalgamated vehicle

Eligible vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Light commercial vehicles (GVW under 5,000 kg)​

Commercial vehicles weighing 5,000 kg or over are not eligible.

The primary donor vehicle can have either no vehicle status, “salvage”, “rebuilt”, or “altered” vehicle status. The primary donor vehicle cannot have a “non-repairable” status – this includes vehicles with “dismantle parts only” status.

To qualify for registration, the vehicle must meet the equipment standards set out in B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. It must also have:

What is an “amalgamated” vehicle?

An amalgamated vehicle is a vehicle which has had either the complete or the greater portion of its body or chassis replaced by the body or chassis from another, previously registered vehicle of the same make and the same or similar model. The resulting vehicle will resemble both vehicles.

A vehicle cannot be classified as an amalgamated vehicle if the two vehicles from which the body and chassis came are completely dissimilar.

​A vehicle also cannot be classified as amalgamated if it does not resemble either vehicle from which parts were taken. For example, if a Corvette body were combined with a GMC four wheel drive chassis, the resulting vehicle would not resemble a normal Corvette. In a case like this, the vehicle would be considered a ubilt, not amalgamated.

Original support documents for component parts

To register your amalgamated vehicle, you must provide original support documents for each major component part. Typical support documents include a bill of sale, manufacturer's statement of origin or a vehicle registration document.

If acceptable support documents for all major component parts are not available, a notarized Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration (MV1484) will be required. Ensure that the declaration includes a description of all major components and if available, a VIN or Serial number for each component.

A declaration should only be used if original support documents cannot be found.​

Apply at any Autoplan broker​

To apply for a B.C.-assigned VIN to register your amalgamated vehicle, take all of your documentation to any Autoplan broker. Then, once the VIN is installed, you'll have to fill out a valid Transfer/Tax Form pdf​ at the broker's office.

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