Vehicle registration

Electric bikes​​​​​​​

Electric bikes, or motor-assisted cycles, are two- or three-wheeled cycles that have both an electric motor (or motors) and attached, fully operable pedals or hand cranks. They must meet all of the requirements set out in B.C. regulations.

Registration, licensing and insurance

ICBC does not register, licence or insure electric bikes.

Rules of the road

For more information about using electric bikes in British Columbia, visit the Government of British Columbia's E-bike rules of the road page.

Different rules for electric bikes and mopeds/scooters

Some motor-assisted cycles look a lot like mopeds and scooters (also known as limited-speed motorcycles). However, the rules for operating motor-assisted cycles and limited-speed motorcycles aren't the same.

For more information, refer to the E-bike rules of the road.