Vehicle registration

Electric kick scooters and motorized skateboards

Rules for using electric kick scooters

Electric kick scooters may only be operated on designated roads ​in participating communities of B.C.'s electric kick scooter pilot project.

Please refer to the electric kick scooter pilot project or contact your local government for more information.

Rules for using motorized skateboards

Motorized skateboards cannot be operated on roads, or on sidewalks beside them, in B.C.

B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act defines these vehicle types as motor vehicles, but they do not meet provincial equipment safety standards for on-road use. Motorized skateboards may only be operated where the Motor Vehicle Act doesn't apply, such as

  • on private property that does not have public vehicle access, and

  • on trails or pathways (if allowed by municipal bylaw).

As an exception, these vehicles are allowed to be operated on designated parade routes. If using the vehicle for a parade, it must be insured with a minimum of $200,000 third party liability policy. This coverage is not provided by ICBC.

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