Vehicle registration

Memorial Cross recipient plates

ICBC and the provincial government are proud to recognize and honour the Canadian Armed Forces by offering Memorial Cross recipient licence plates in B.C.

The Memorial Cross

The Memorial Cross is a memento that was created in 1919 and is currently granted by the Government of Canada to the loved ones of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who have fallen in service to this country, or have perished as a result of their service.

Eligible recipients

To receive a Memorial Cross recipient licence plate, a recipient must be:

  • Deemed an original official Memorial Cross recipient by the Government of Canada

  • A B.C. resident

  • The registered owner, joint owner, or lessee of the vehicle for which the plate is intended

Eligible vehicles

  • Most passenger vehicles and motorhomes and most commercial vehicles with licensed gross vehicle weight of 5,500 kg or less

  • Motorcycles, utility and commercial trailers, off-road or other restricted or specialty plate vehicles are not eligible

  • Memorial Cross recipients with more than one eligible vehicle may request more than one set of Memorial Cross plates

Keepsake plates

A keepsake Memorial Cross recipient plate is available to official Memorial Cross recipients who are B.C. residents and don't own an eligible vehicle, but wish to obtain a plate as a memento.

Keepsake plates may be requested in addition to a set of plates for an eligible vehicle. Keepsake plates cannot be affixed to a motor vehicle.

Applying for a Memorial Cross recipient licence plate

There is no charge for Memorial Cross recipient plates.

To apply for a Memorial Cross recipient plate, please contact the Manager, Vehicle Registration Policy & Programs at 604-982-4752 or by email at [email protected]. You may be asked to provide proof that you are an eligible recipient.