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Farm trucks

Find out whether your vehicle may qualify for farm truck plates and how to apply for them​.

Can I put farm plates on my vehicle?

Farm truck licence plates can be displayed on commercial vehicles (for example, pickup and flat-bed trucks) used by a farmer in connection with his or her farm, ranch, or market garden. (A "farmer" is defined as a per​son or a company engaged in the business of farming on land classified as farm land for tax purposes.)

What can a farm truck be used for?

A vehicle licensed with a farm truck licence plate can be used for farming or driven for pleasure.

If you'd like to use your farm truck for other business purposes, or to drive to work or school, you'll need to upgrade your insurance. Talk to your ICBC Autoplan broker for more details.


Floating farm fleet plates

If the vehicle has a floating farm fleet plate, it cannot be used for pleasure driving.

How do I apply for (or renew) farm plates?

To apply for or renew any farm truck plates, bring one of the following to your Autoplan broker:

  • a B.C. Farmer Identity Card issued by the B.C. Agriculture Council

  • the most recent Property Assessment Notice for the farmland

If the farmland is leased, bring the following two documents: (1) a copy of your lease agreement, and (2) the most current Property Assessment Notice for the leased land.

For more information, please speak to your Autoplan broker.

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