Vehicle registration

Import a vehicle into B.C.

If you're a B.C. resident, you can import a vehicle from another province or country and insure it for its trip to B.C., as well as after it’s been imported. Find out how.

Import a vehicle from another country

If you​ want to import a vehicle from another country, please review information from these federal government agencies:

If your vehicle is registered in another Canadian province, the import requirements of these agencies do not apply.

Provincial safety inspection for all imported vehicles

Vehicles from other provinces and countries must be inspected at a B.C. designated inspection facility to ensure that it meets B.C.'s safety standards. Note the cost of inspections varies. Feel free to ask your inspection facility for a price quote.

Vehicle​s exempted from the B.C. pre-registration safety inspection

  • New vehicles

  • Under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, qualified private vehicles imported from Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba

  • Vehicles with a net weight of 3501 kg or more​​

  • Low speed electric vehicles

  • Trailers (excluding commercial trailers)

  • Motorcycles

Please speak to an Autoplan broker for details on vehicles that may be exempted from provincial safety inspection.

Driving a vehicle from another province or the U.S.

To drive a vehicle home from another province or from the U.S., you'll need to:

  1. Buy temporary insurance from ICBC called a "Binder for Owner's Interim Certificate of Insurance" from your Autoplan broker.

  2. Buy an in-transit permit from the province or state in which you buy your vehicle. Please note that many provinces and U.S. states will not issue this permit without proof of insurance.

If you cancel the binder of insurance before its effective date, the full premium will be refunded. There are no refunds on binders of insurance once the policy is in effect.

Flood-damaged vehicles

Don't get stuck with a flood-damaged vehicle. Vehicles that have been damaged in floods can't be licensed or insured in B.C.

For details, contact the Registrar of Imported Vehicles.

U.S. citizens studying in B.C.

If you're a U.S. citizen bringing your car to the province and are enrolled full-time at a recognized B.C educational institution, you won't need to register your vehicle. Just apply for a non-resident exemption permit within 30 days of your arrival so that you can drive here. This permit allows you to continue using the registration, licence and insurance coverage from your home state, for as long as you're studying here.

To apply, call ICBC's Financial Responsibility Unit:

  • Lower Mainland: 604-443-4624

  • Toll-free: 1-800-665-4336

Driving the vehicle to an Autoplan broker

When you arrive in B.C., you'll need to drive your vehicle to both:

  1. B.C. designated inspection facility.

  2. An Autoplan broker's office to have it registered, licenced and insured for driving in B.C. The broker needs to see the vehicle to confirm the VIN and odometer reading and check for any visible damage.


Get insured before your temporary insurance expires

It can save you time and money to drive there before your temporary "binder" of insurance expires. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase additional insurance for those trips.

Required documents

For vehicles imported from other provinces in Canada

When you go to the broker's office, bring the following:​

  1. Vehicle registration from the previous jurisdiction or a New Vehicle Information Statement

  2. The original bill of sale

  3. A "passed" inspection report, signed by the inspector, from a designated inspection facility

For vehicles imported from the U.S.

When you go to the broker's office, bring the following:

  1. ​Vehicle Import Form 1 with two stamps from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

  2. CBSA document B15, or B3 or B4

  3. The vehicle's original Certificate of Title or Certificate of Origin

  4. The original bill of sale

  5. A "passed" inspection report, signed by the inspector, from a designated inspection facility

Review the Checklist for Out-of-Province Vehicle Registration (MV1430) pdf for more information.

Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on vehicles

If you are buying or importing a vehicle or giving or receiving a gift vehicle there may be provincial sales tax applicable and exemptions may apply. Find out more about PST on vehicles​.

If you have more questions, talk to your Autoplan broker or read the B.C. Government bulletin on vehicle tax.

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