Vehicle registration

Buy a used vehicle

Steps to buying a used vehicle

Inflated prices, hidden damage, mechanical problems, liens, impulse buys we've all heard the horror stories. But buying a used car doesn't have to be that way. By following our recommended steps, you can get an excellent vehicle for a decent price.

Vehicle history reports

A vehicle history report can tell you a lot about a car you're thinking of buying, such as whether it has been damaged or stolen.

Flood-damaged vehicles

You should be aware that some people may try to sell water-damaged vehicles at bargain prices. Some water-damaged vehicles cannot be licensed for road use.

Inspecting a used vehicle

Spot signs of trouble by following our inspection checklist. If you're serious about the vehicle, we strongly recommend having it inspected by a professional mechanic.

Buying from a licensed dealer

When you buy from a licensed dealer and salesperson, you obtain certain protections. Learn more about car dealers' responsibilities and get tips on how to recognize an unlicensed dealer posing as a private seller from the ​Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia.

Completing the sale and transferring ownership

When arranging payment of the vehicle, you and the seller must complete and sign in full a transfer/tax form (electronic signatures are not accepted). Then, return the completed transfer/tax forms plus the seller's signed vehicle registration to any Autoplan broker. You can complete the transfer of ownership transaction at the broker's office.

You can download a Transfer/Tax form pdf and complete it​ using Acrobat Reader or pick up a copy from any Autoplan ​broker. Please note that original signatures are still required.

Once the vehicle is registered in your name, you can get licence plates and insurance for it.

PST on vehicles

If you are buying or importing a vehicle or giving or receiving a vehicle there may be provincial sales tax applicable and exemptions may apply. Find out more about PST on vehicles​. 

If you have more questions, talk to your Autoplan broker or read the B.C. Government bulletin on vehicle tax.