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Vehicle registration

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​​​Low-powered vehicles

Mopeds, electric bikes and other low-powered vehicles—each has different operating rules. Find out how to ride safely and legally.

Low-powered vehicle licensing and insurance

Please note, not all low-powered vehicles may be operated, licensed, or insured on B.C. roads or sidewalks.

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General​

Electric bikes

  • Rider must be 16 or older and wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Driver's licence and insurance not required.

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  • Must be registered, licensed and insured for road use.
  • Driver's licence required (any class except 5 or 7 learner’s licence).
  • You must wear a helmet.

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Pocket bikes & mini motorcycles

  • Cannot be operated on roads in B.C.

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Electric kick scooters

  • Can only be operated on designated roads in communities participating in B.C.'s electric kick scooter pilot project.

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Motorized skateboards

  • Cannot be operated on roads in B.C.

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Motorized wheelchairs

  • Driver's licence and insurance not required.
  • Can be used on sidewalks or roads, following the same rules as pedestrians.

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