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Vehicle registration

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Personalized licence plates

Personalized licence plates are a fun, creative way to express yourself. Find out how to get your own personlized plate and what guidelines and criteria you need to follow.

Personalized plate examples 




How do I get a personalized plate?

  1. Design your personal message or slogan.

  2. Your completed application form and fee (cheque or money order made out to ICBC) can be brought to your Autoplan broker or mailed to ICBC.

  3. ICBC will confirm that your slogan meets the criteria and guidelines.

    • Approval and pick-up
      If approved, your plates will be sent to your broker and you will be notified by mail when they are ready for pickup. It can take up to 8 weeks for you to get your plates.

    • Rejected slogans
      If your slogan has been denied, you will be notified by letter and your application fee will be returned.

Application criteria and guidelines

To apply for a personalized licence plate, you must be the registered owner of the vehicle, and all other registered owners must also sign the application. If you lease the vehicle, your name must be on the registration.

If you require a replacement for your current personalized number plates, your original plates must be surrendered before the application will be accepted.


Personalized licence plates can

  • have 2-6 letters or letters and numbers (e.g. "hello", "me2")
  • include blank spaces or hyphens between letters/numbers (e.g. "Sunny-1", "Joe 87")
  • be a maximum of 7 total characters for vehicles or 6 total characters for motorcycles

They can not

  • contain only numbers
  • include any symbols other than hyphens
  • be in a combination that could cause misidentification (e.g. "0 - O", "5-S")
  • be in a combination resembling an existing plate that would create identification issues (e.g. if “TIGERS” is already issued, “TIGER5” would be denied)
  • be a single letter preceded or followed by more than three numbers (e.g. "1234 A", "B-5678")
  • be any of the following prefixes followed by numbers: “CL”, “VA”, “VE”, “GR”, “MC”, “MB”, “MD”, “PG”, and “BC” 


Slogans on personalized licence plates should be appropriate. If ICBC receives a complaint or a plate is later determined to be obscene or objectionable, the plate may be recalled.

Applications will be declined if the slogan is determine to be objectionable in any language, such as slogans that include offensive slang or derogatory language, that are sexually suggestive, or that reference violence, illegal drugs, or other illegal activity. References to non-profit advocacy, trade or similar entities may be acceptable.

What types of vehicles can have personalized plates?

  • Regular passenger vehicles, vans, and motorcycles
  • Motor homes
  • Light trucks

Personalized plates can't be used on vehicles that require a special type of plate, including trailers, antique or collector vehicles, tractors, and industrial vehicles.

How much do personalized plates cost?

There is a one-time application fee of $100 and, if approved, an annual fee of $40 to maintain the rights to the slogan and the use of the plates.

The annual fee ensures that you maintain exclusive rights to the plate. If a personalized plate remains inactive for more than one year after the expiry date, the right to the slogan will be lost.

Damaged, lost or stolen personalized plates

  • If your personalized licence plate is damaged, there is an $18 fee for temporary plates while your personalized plates are remade.
  • If the plate with the validation decal is lost or stolen, notify the police. The record of the missing plate needs to be removed from the police database.
  • If only the plate (without the validation decal) is lost or stolen, turn in your remaining plate to your Autoplan broker.

More information

If you have questions about personalized licence plates, you can call 604-661-2267 (Lower Mainland) or 1-800-663-3051 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.) or email