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Personalized licence plates

Personalized licence plates are made-to-order with slogans chosen by you.

Personalized plate examples




How do I get a personalized plate?

  1. Design your personal message or slogan.

  2. Take the completed application form to your Autoplan broker and bring an application fee cheque made out to ICBC for $100.

  3. ICBC will confirm that your slogan meets the criteria and is available.

    • Approval and pick-up
      If approved, your plates will be sent to your broker and you will be notified by mail when they are ready for pickup. It usually takes about 10-12 weeks for you to get your plates.

    • Rejected slogans
      If your slogan is rejected, you will be notified by letter and your application fee will be returned

Application criteria

    • You must be the registered owner of the vehicle displaying the plates, or

    • Your name must be on the vehicle registration if you lease the vehicle.

    • If the vehicle has more than one registered owner, each of you must sign the application.

    • You must have existing licence plates, a valid driver's licence and insurance.

    • A combination of letters, numbers, spaces, or dashes are acceptable

    • Two spaces or dashes back-to-back are not allowed: A BC, A--B--C

    • Plates can’t just be numerals: 123 456, 789-123.

    • Must not contain any symbols: @ ? / & . + #

    • Keep it clean! ICBC will not issue personalized licence plates that may be interpreted as vulgar, indecent or offensive.  


Personalized plate examples 

What types of vehicles can have personalized plates?

    • Regular passenger vehicles

    • Vans

    • Motor homes

    • Motorcycles

    • Light trucks

Personalized plates can't be used on vehicles that require a special type of plate, such as utility trailers or off-road vehicles.

How much do personalized plates cost?

There is a one-time application fee of $100 and, if approved, an annual fee of $40 to maintain the rights to the slogan and the use of the plates. This fee ensures that you maintain exclusive rights to the plate, even if it's a leased vehicle.

Damaged, lost or stolen personalized plates

    • If your personalized plates are damaged, lost, or stolen, there is an $18 fee for temporary plates while your personalized plates are remade.

    • If the plate with the validation decal is lost or stolen, then you must notify the police. The record of the missing plate needs to be removed from the police database.

    • If only the plate (without the validation decal) is lost or stolen, you don't need a police case number turn in your remaining plate to your Autoplan broker.

More information about personalized plates

    • 604-661-2267 (B.C. Lower Mainland)
    • 1-800-663-3051