Goodbye insurance decal and hello online insurance renewals

April 28, 2022

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To coincide with the full launch of online auto insurance renewals, B.C. drivers from May 1 onwards will no longer be required to display a licence plate validation decal on their vehicle licence plate. B.C. motorists have the choice to leave their current decal on their licence plate or remove it on May 1.

Renewing early

While May 1 is the official launch date of online insurance, more than 3,000* ICBC customers have already renewed their personal auto insurance policies online, which can be renewed up to 44 days before a policy expires. The majority of our customers have completed their online transaction in less than 10 minutes*.With support from our broker network involving a review of each online renewal, our new online insurance service has been enabling our customers to:

  • renew their current personal auto insurance coverage

  • apply for select discounts

  • update the drivers listed on their policy

  • modify how they use their vehicle

According to a recent customer survey conducted by Ipsos**, 73% of respondents say they are likely to renew their Autoplan insurance online after watching a demonstration video outlining the online renewal process and, to date, approximately 50,000* customers have visited to learn more about online renewals.
Find out more about online insurance renewals​.

Let us know

We are encouraging our customers who renew their policies online to complete a short survey after completing their transaction to let us know how we are doing in this early stage of online insurance renewals.

Online insurance renewals is the latest in a growing number of digital options we have made available to our customers, including booking driver licensing appointments and the ability to generate an estimate for insurance policies.

We are committed to making things easier and more convenient for our customers.

*Figure based on online renewals up to April 27th.

**Ipsos survey involved approximately 1,000 ICBC policyholders between February 14, 2022 and February 28, 2022.

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