ICBC urges drivers to slow down and stay safe this long weekend

May 15, 2024

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With many British Columbians hitting the road for their first road trip of the year this Victoria Day long weekend, ICBC is asking drivers to give themselves plenty of travel time and choose safe speeds to help prevent crashes and keep everyone on our roads safe.

Over Victoria Day long weekend, on average, three people are killed and 455 people are injured in crashes in B.C.* Speed is a top contributing factor in these crashes.

Police will be focused on speeding through targeted enforcement this long weekend in support of this month’s campaign.

Driving tips:

  • With warmer weather comes more motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists on our roads. Do your part to keep them safe – increase your following distance, reduce your speed and look for vulnerable road users.

  • Give yourself extra travel time and expect roads to be busy whether you’re staying in town or travelling. If you’re heading on a road trip, plan your route and check road conditions at Do a pre-trip check to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition and pack an emergency kit in your vehicle in case you get stuck or stranded.

  • When choosing your driving speed, consider that the higher the speed you travel, the more time and distance you need to stop, making it harder to avoid crashing. That’s why it’s important to follow posted speed limits, even in ideal conditions.

  • Avoid distractions that take your mind and eyes off the road. Distracted driving is a top contributing factor in Victoria Day long weekend crashes so stay focused and leave your phone alone.

  • If you'll be going out for drinks this long weekend, plan ahead for a safe ride home. Look into local options if you’re out of town such as taxis, ride hailing, transit or shuttle services. Set up relevant apps on your cell phone so you can relax knowing you have a plan to get home safely.


  • Over Victoria Day long weekend, on average, 318 people are injured in 1,070 crashes in the Lower Mainland every year.*

  • Over Victoria Day long weekend, on average, 60 people are injured in 236 crashes on Vancouver Island every year.*

  • Over Victoria Day long weekend, on average, 60 people are injured in 260 crashes in the Southern Interior every year.*

  • Over Victoria Day long weekend, on average, 14 people are injured in 103 crashes in northern B.C. every year.*

  • Distraction is the top contributing factor in police-reported crashes over Victoria Day long weekend followed by impairment and speeding.*

*ICBC crash and injury data and police fatality data are based on five year average (2018 to 2022).

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