ICBC and police join forces for CounterAttack campaign now underway

June 30, 2021

CounterAttack event photo - 2020

This summer's CounterAttack campaign is now underway with roadchecks happening across the province, just in time for public health orders easing, summer gatherings, and casinos and nightclubs opening on July 1st.

While some progress has been made, impaired driving remains a serious problem in B.C. – 67 people are killed and 1,600 injured every year in impaired driving related crashes.* Forty per cent of these deaths occur during the summer months alone.**

ICBC and police are encouraging drivers to be responsible and one message remains as strict as ever: if you drink, don't drive.

Police will be looking for impaired drivers at CounterAttack roadchecks throughout the summer.


Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

“If you have consumed alcohol or drugs – stay off our roads. All too often, impaired driving leads to crashes that cause serious injury or death. If you don't plan a safe ride home and instead choose to put yourself and others at risk, consider yourself warned: the police are out there with stepped-up enforcement this summer."

Chief Constable Neil Dubord, Chair of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee

“It's finally summer. Time for sun, fun… and the summer CounterAttack impaired driving campaign. As businesses and communities begin opening back up, we're all anxious to get out, socialize and enjoy this summer – safely. Summer also means that police across B.C. will be focused on impaired drivers and keeping B.C.'s roads safe. COVID-19 may be less risky than in recent months, but impaired driving by alcohol or drugs is still a dangerous decision that too often results in serious injuries or death. That's why we encourage everyone to plan ahead and enjoy your summer events safely."

Lindsay Matthews, ICBC Vice President of Public Affairs and Driver Licensing

“When you drink and drive, you not only risk your life but those of others on the road. If your summer activities involve alcohol, plan ahead to get home safely. Use a designated driver, call a taxi or rideshare, or take transit."

Regional impaired statistics**

  • On average, 17 people are killed and 750 injured in 1,300 impaired driving related crashes in the Lower Mainland every year.

  • On average, 11 people are killed and 310 injured in 580 impaired driving related crashes on Vancouver Island every year.

  • On average, 23 people are killed and 370 injured in 630 impaired driving related crashes in the Southern Interior every year.

  • On average, 17 people are killed and 170 injured in 280 impaired driving related crashes in North Central B.C. every year.

Canada Day statistics***

  • Each year on Canada Day, one person is killed and 180 injured in 650 crashes in B.C.

  • Each year, 130 people are injured in 390 crashes in the Lower Mainland on Canada Day.

  • Each year, 24 people are injured in 94 crashes on Vancouver Island on Canada Day.

  • Each year, 25 people are injured in 110 crashes in the Southern Interior on Canada Day.

  • Each year, eight people are injured in 39 crashes in the North Central region on Canada Day.

*Injuries and crashes are police data, five-year average 2016 to 2020. Fatal victim counts are police data, five-year average 2015 to 2019. Impaired is defined to include alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines.

**Summer months include June, July and September.

***Canada Day is calculated from 00:00 to midnight and includes incidents where the time was not reported. Based on five year average. Injured victim and crash data from ICBC data (2016 to 2020) and fatal victims from police data (2015 to 2019).