ICBC expands road tests based on priority booking

July 22, 2020

ICBC is moving to the next phase of its road test resumption plan by prioritizing customers whose Class 5 or 7 road tests were cancelled between March 17 and June 26.

On July 20, Class 5 and 7 road testing resumed for customers whose road tests were originally scheduled between March 17 and March 30.

As ICBC expands road tests, customers will be contacted by ICBC and given the details of when and how they can book their own road test online. ICBC will contact customers in advance of their booking date.

The booking dates are as follows:

Original date of cancelled Class 5 or 7 road test:

When customers will be contacted by ICBC:

When customers can book their new road test:

March 31 - April 30

Prior to July 30

July 30 onwards

May 1 - May 31

Prior to August 10

August 10 onwards

June 1 – June 26

Prior to August 17

August 17 onwards

All other customers

August 24 onwards

Currently, ICBC is exploring a number of measures to increase capacity and address the road test backlog including expanding hours and days of operation, hiring and training additional driver examiners, and repurposing other facilities to include road test services.

​Media contact:

Joanna Linsangan