ICBC adds 2,000 new road test appointments for September

August 28, 2020


More road test appointments are being added over the coming weeks as new driver examiners come on board and further test sites open.

Customers that have already booked a road test appointment but are looking to secure an earlier road test date are encouraged to visit ICBC's online booking site as new appointments are added.

As new driver examiners complete training, ICBC will make more road test appointments available for booking online. Today, additional bookings are available as ICBC has added a total of 2,000 road test appointments for testing dates starting September 9.

Over the coming weeks, ICBC will release an additional 6,000 new slots, with most allocated to testing locations in the Lower Mainland.

Additionally, on average, 100 appointments are made available daily due to cancellations and resourcing availability.

ICBC continues to offer priority testing for essential health care workers and first responders who require a licence for work; workers may call ICBC's driver licensing information line.

Customers urged to come prepared

While passing rates have significa​ntly improved since road tests were resumed, ICBC is asking all customers to take the time to practice so that they can avoid the possibility of having to wait for another road test, and adding to the current customer wait time.

In the last fiscal year, the pass rate for Class 5 and 7 licences was about 50%; so far this year, the pass rate is 58%. With a failure rate of over 40%, ICBC is encouraging customers to help themselves and others by coming prepared during this high-demand period. 

Book road tests directly with ICBC 

Customers should only use ICBC's website to book their road test. Other websites that claim to provide booking services for a fee are not affiliated with ICBC.

ICBC does not charge a fee to book a road test.

If any customer has shared personal information related to ICBC with a third-party website, such as their security keyword, they are strongly encouraged to call 1-800-950-1498 or visit their nearest ICBC driver licensing office.

Expiring Learner's licences

Customers whose Learner's licence expires before completing a road test are required to take a knowledge test which can be booked online. ICBC will waive the first knowledge test fee for these individuals.

ICBC is working to increase capacity for knowledge tests by retrofitting stations so that they can meet physical distancing requirements, in addition to extending hours of operation at select locations in coming weeks.

Confirmation of road test appointments

For customers who have booked a road test, once their appointment has been confirmed, it will appear under their "Your Appointments" tab when logged into their ICBC account. ICBC does not send confirmation emails, but will send a reminder email a few days prior to their test.

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