Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month - 26th annual MLA ride

May 10, 2018


Victoria BC – BCCOM will present the 26th Annual MLA Ride taking place at the Legislative Assembly on May 10th, 2018 as the official kick off to May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

BCCOM was proud to have our new Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena joining us on behalf of the NDP government and ICBC's manager for road safety Jerome Atherton. Together we hope this event will bring awareness to all drivers during these summer months and will help teach everyone how best to share the road, to hopefully prevent as many accidents as possible in B.C.

"Motorcycle safety is everyone's collective responsibility. Drivers, pay attention, especially when changing lanes and riders, I encourage you to leave room and be seen," said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claire Trevena. "Motorcycle Awareness Month is a great reminder to use caution and be aware, because we all share the road."

"ICBC is proud to participate in the B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists' 26th annual MLA motorcycle ride to the B.C. legislature in support for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in the province" said Jerome Atherton, ICBC manager responsible for road safety. "In B.C., on average 2,400 incidents occur each year involving at least one motorcycle; injuring 1,500 people and killing 32 motorcyclists each year. Whether you're riding a motorcycle or driving a vehicle, do your part to drive smart. As a driver, you can only see motorcycles when you really look for them. Particularly at intersections, stay alert and yield right-of-way appropriately."

BCCOM would like to thank all the riders who prepared for the uncertain weather conditions and took the time to come participate in this event and the MLA's who came out in support. The MLAs were taken on a ride during their lunch hour to experience firsthand the thrill of motorcycling and the importance of road safety.

We look forward to continuing promoting motorcycle awareness throughout the summer months and hope to see everyone again next year.

Media contact

Tara Briscoe, BC Coalition of Motorcyclists

​Media contact

Tara Briscoe, BCCOM