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​Community projects

ICBC is committed to supporting communities throughout British Columbia. 

We want to be involved in building safer and healthier communities, strengthening connections with our customers, and supporting social goals that give back to British Columbians.

The GF Strong driver rehabilitation program


A new fully-equipped and adaptable minivan funded by ICBC has allowed GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre to expand its driver rehabilitation program and help more patients in B.C. develop their driving skills. The specially modified, wheelchair accessible training vehicle provides increased access for assessment and practice for a wider range of program participants, particularly those who are confined to wheelchairs or have conditions such as spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis.

The new minivan – one of only two in B.C. – has 10 different kinds of hand controls as well as dual gas and brake controls. Many other modifications are customized to accommodate, assess, and test all participants in the program with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities.

ICBC in the community

Here are just a few of the programs that we support in local communities:

Take the Wheel Program

In partnership with the provincial government and the Federation of B.C. Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN), ICBC has provided funding for a driver training bursary program Take the Wheel. This funding is part of our commitment to give back and support programs in the communities we serve throughout B.C.

Take the Wheel program provides an opportunity for youth in care or those who have aged out, learn how to drive. The bursary helps fund driver training for qualifying youth in government care across B.C. with:


  • up to $1,000 to pay for an ICBC-approved Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) and
  • $250 to help cover incidental costs such as proper identification, gas and insurance to complete driver training.

Find out more about the qualifying criteria and application process at www.fbcyicn.ca

Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) Program

We are a proud supporter of the P.A.R.T.Y. Program in communities across B.C. To help grade 10 students understand the potential consequences of risky behaviours such as impaired driving and speeding, P.A.R.T.Y. follows the course of injury from occurrence, through transport, treatment, rehabilitation and community re-integration. Students interact with a team of emergency response and health professionals, rotating through sites/scenarios including:

  • hospital trauma room
  • morgue and/or coroner's office
  • the experience of being left with a permanent disability, and/or
  • an RCMP officer addressing consequences of driving-related decisions.



BC Transplant

We're partnering with BC Transplant to help increase the number of people who register their decision to become organ donors. Fifty per cent of British Columbians believe that they're listed as organ donors, when in fact only 20 per cent are actually registered. This means that a lot of people who want to help others won't be able to.

For this reason, employees at ICBC driver licensing offices are encouraging customers to register their decision and share the message on organ donation.

Naskarz - Never Again Steal Karz (Cars)

Since 2005, ICBC has partnered with Vancouver Community College (VCC) and the Vancouver Police Department to support the Ray-Cam Co-Operative Community Centre's Naskarz program, which focuses on youth from the Hastings Corridor of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Naskarz's objective is to reduce youth involvement in auto crime – such as vehicle theft and joyriding – and provide a positive and interesting way for them to direct their energies and interests.