Road safety

Parking lot safety​​

​​Every parking lot crash is preventable, yet almost a third (31%) of crashes in B.C. occur in parking lots.

Prioritize safety by slowing down, paying extra attention for pedestrians and other vehicles, and backing into parkin​​g spots.

Backing up for safety

There are many safety benefits by backing into parking spots. Backing into parking spots provides a greater field of vision when exiting ​and exposes less of your vehicle than if you were reversing out of the parking spot.

​​Tips to stay safe

  • Slow down and pay attention. As you enter or exit the parking lot, watch out for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Use your signals and obey all posted signs. Help pedestrians and other drivers anticipate your actions: ensure your reverse lights work, use your turn signals, follow all traffic signs and obey the rules of the road.

  • Avoid congested areas. Park in less busy areas or farther away, if possible.

  • Know your size. Park in spots that are large enough for your vehicle and with enough room to be able to open your doors without hitting a neighbouring vehicle.

  • Know your noise. If you drive an electric vehicle, be aware that your vehicle may be harder for pedestrians to hear.

  • Don’t only rely on a backup camera. Use your mirrors and shoulder check to confirm and monitor your surroundings. ​

  • Back in. Backing into parking spots reduces blind spots, increases your field of vision and exposes less of your vehicle to traffic than when reversing.

  • Stay safe by focusing on the road. When walking to and from your vehicle, use crosswalks and sidewalks where possible, avoid entering a vehicle's blind spot, stay alert and look for cues of vehicles exiting parking spots (such as reverse lights or engines turning on).

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