Road safety

Supporting volunteers

We work closely with local police, municipalities, stakeholders and volunteers because we want our communities to be the safest they can be.

We invest in road safety because it helps reduce claims and save lives. Here are some programs we support in communities all over B.C.:

Cell Watch

Cell Watch is an educational initiative aimed at reducing distracted driving in communities throughout B.C. Working together with ICBC's road safety team and police, volunteers set up "leave the phone alone" sandwich boards and conduct road-side surveys observing drivers and their behaviours. Information is used to help ICBC and police better understand the issue at a local level and to develop initiatives to reduce distracted driving.

Speed Watch

You've probably seen Speed Watch volunteers near high crash locations. Their portable speed radar equipment and big flashing reader boards give you instant feedback on how fast you're driving. But you don't get a ticket—unless the police are around the next corner.

Stolen Auto Recovery

Ever drive down a street and see a vehicle you think might be stolen? You can join the battle against auto crime by volunteering for a citizen's crime patrol in your neighbourhood.

Police-trained volunteers with the Stolen Auto Recovery program use up-to-date information on stolen vehicles (provided by the BC Crime Prevention Association) to search licence plates of parked and moving vehicles.  If a plate number comes up as a match, the volunteers notify police.

Lock Out Auto Crime audits

Police-trained Lock Out Auto Crime volunteers operate in parking lots and other areas to increase awareness of auto crime. They fill out auto crime prevention notices and leave them on the windshield of each vehicle. (They're not allowed to touch the vehicle in any other way.)  It's a great way to remind drivers of the simple steps they can take to reduce their risk of being an auto theft victim.  

Become a community volunteer

For information on volunteering with a Cell Watch, Speed Watch, Stolen Auto Recovery or Lock Out Auto Crime group in your community, please contact your local police or contact us.

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