Frequently asked questions

Collector and vintage vehicles


No. When you sell a collector or modified collector car, the new owner must make a new application for collector status and plates.

See collector vehicles for more information.

You may only transfer the plates onto another collector status vehicle that is registered in your name within certain time frames. Please check with your Autoplan broker for details.

Yes, however if you are the sole registered owner of a collector vehicle and want to change to joint ownership later, you must reapply for your collector status and pay the applicable transfer fees. The best time to arrange for joint ownership is when you first apply for your collector vehicle status.

See collector vehicles for more information.

If your antique vehicle has active collector plates, vintage plates may also be displayed—but only if there isn't a vintage policy (APV44) in place. Your collector plates must be mounted in the primary licence plate location.

Only if you have a collector multi-vehicle plate and you own several collector vehicles, but drive only one vehicle at a time.

To qualify for a collector multi-vehicle licence plate, you must be the registered owner or one of the registered owners of the cars and they must all:

  • be registered in B.C.

  • be pre-approved by ICBC to share the collector vehicle plate

  • have collector status, and

  • be either all cars and trucks or all motorcycles.

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Yes, in some cases you can register the vehicle while it’s undergoing restoration, before it’s ready for a safety inspection.

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