Behind the numbers at ICBC

At ICBC, we touch the lives of people across the province. From the 53,000 new drivers we license every year to the nearly 300,000 customers who have renewed their insurance online, we're here for B.C.

We’re also helping you in your communities. Safety is important to us – whether you’re a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian – but if you get injured in a crash, we help you get the care and benefits you need to recover.

Find out more about how we’re working to make life a bit better for all people living in B.C. – because behind all the numbers are people like Maya, Kenji, the Kumars, and you.

320 road improvements every year

Safer roads mean fewer crashes, fewer injuries and costs, and safer communities.  

That’s why we make 320 road improvements every year on average. In fact, we’ve invested $225 million in over 8,300 road safety improvement projects across B.C. since 1990. This includes crosswalks, traffic signals and signs, and other improvements. We’re always working with local municipalities to help make our roads safer for everyone.   

Investing in road improvements
Road safety

279,000 customers saved time renewing their insurance online

We introduced online renewals in 2022. The average time spent renewing an existing policy online is 10 minutes, which means it's easier and faster for people to renew their insurance. It’s one way we’re trying to provide more convenient options for people that will help them spend less time on insurance, and more time on what they enjoy doing. 

Renew your insurance online
Prepare for your renewal

53,000 new drivers licensed every year 

ICBC provides all driver licensing services to people in B.C. Thousands of people come to us every day to get their learner’s licence, do their road test, or renew their licence. For new drivers, we provide study guides, online practice tests and more to help them learn the skills, awareness and attitudes that will help them become a safe and confident driver for years to come.  

Driver licensing & ID
New drivers 

145,000 people supported through their injury recovery

When we introduced Enhanced Care auto insurance in 2021, we moved to a new kind of insurance model. Enhanced Care focuses on taking care of customers that have been injured in a crash so they can get the medical care and recovery benefits they need to recover. So far, we’ve helped over 145,000 people like Margaret get back to their day-to-day lives with things like pre-authorized treatments after a crash, income replacement if they can’t work while recovering, and more.   

When you've been injured in a crash

917 ICBC-certified repair shops

When you need car repairs, you want service you can count on. We certify collision and glass repair shops that meet our high standards and guarantee their repairs for as long as you own the car. When you use an accredited ICBC Repair Network shop, you can feel confident driving to work, school, or on your next family road trip.  

About the ICBC Repair Network
Collision claims
Glass and windshield claims

572,000 customers have saved on insurance by driving less

We know that affordability is more important than ever to people living in B.C. We offer an insurance discount to customers who drive less than 10,000 kms per year. It’s just one of the ways ICBC is working to keep auto insurance affordable.  

We’re also looking at more ways to provide other usage-based insurance products and discounts to B.C. drivers – so that more people can save on their insurance in the future.  

Usage-based discounts

$1.5 billion saved with Enhanced Care auto insurance

Enhanced Care auto insurance means there is no need for lengthy lawsuits to get the benefits you need after a crash. If you’re injured in a crash, you get the care and recovery benefits you need without having to wait for settlements. By removing legal costs from the system, we were able to save $1.5 billion, which means more affordable rates for B.C.

Basic insurance and Enhanced Care